By using Samba Videos API, it's possible to optimize the loading of thumbnails on the page, so we generate 3 different sizes of thumbnails to each uploaded video. These thumbnails have great resolution and maintain the standard proportions of width and height in (16:9) format.

Why 3 predefined formats?

Besides improving the loading time of the thumbnail, this API resource ensures better presentation of the video into your page and so we believe that you should use the correct thumbnail size whenever it's possible.

Thumbnails are automatically generated when you make a new upload and the size cannot be edited in the Samba Videos interface. Don't worry, the existing formats in accounts created by Liquid (Legacy System) may be excluded on demand by the Project Administrator or the Account Owner.  See the example of the standard formats below:

Thumbnail - 213 x 120px


SD Preview Thumbnail - 426 x 240px


HD Preview Thumbnail - 852 x 480px



- It'll always be generated 3 standard formats in the proportions:

  • 213 x 120px
  • 426 x 240px
  • 852 x 480px

- The image quality is based on the quality of the uploaded video file to Samba Videos.

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