Leads Collector

What's the leads collector?

The leads collector allows you to do just that: displaying an email field to collect leads directly into your videos. Once enabled, all videos will display the collector at the beginning or the end of it, according to your choice when configuring the feature.


How do I run it?

Currently you can enable it for all videos in the categories you want. It's quite simple, watch the video below:

Where can I get the incoming leads?

1 - Access the Statistics Area

2 - Select the specific period.

3 - Click the option  "Export report"

Done! Now it's easier to raise your leads base. ;)

How to disable the leads collector?

1 - Access the menu Settings

2 - Click the option Categories

3 - Select the category in which the leads collector is enabled.

4 - Click the buttom Disable in this category.



1 - When you enable advertising campaigns and leads collector in the same category, the videos in this category won't display post-roll advertising campaigns.

2 - You can enable the leads collector to more than one category.

3 - The leads collector may take up to 5 minutes to be enabled in videos.

4 -  To disable the leads collector in one specific media, you just need to use the parameter enableLead. Learn more.

5 - The leads collector will be displayed only in players higher than 132p or larger than 480p.

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