Metadata Update via API

Metadata Update

Is it possible to update a media information without access Samba Videos? Yes, it can be done with a few command lines.

Consuming our API, it's possible to update media metadata, indicating which metadata you want to update.

To perform this update of information, it's necessary to use method PUT (method used to update resources).


Below is an example of how to update metadata via API using REST Client:

Method: PUT

content-type: application/json
  "title": "Teste PUT",
  "description": "DESC PUT",
  "shortDescription": "SHORT DESC PUT",
  "tags": ["tag1", "tag2"],
  "secondUrl": "put outras infos",
  "shortDescription": "SHORT DESC PUT",
  "genders": [{"id": 1, "key": "GENDER_KEY_COMEDY"}],
  "unpublishDate": 1417777871000,
  "publishDate": 1372355677273,
  "highlighted": true,
  "categoryId": "1897"
For further information, see the documentation of our API.
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