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The Samba Videos authentication mechanisms have been reworked for a better security of the platform. Because of this, some log in procedures have changed.

Files upload via API no longer requires an APIKEY. From now on, Samba Videos APIs follow the OAuth 2.0 protocol, that provides a safe application mechanism to access resources on behalf of authorized users. Therefore, the files upload via API must now be preceded by creation and installation of an app in Samba Videos. See in this article how to create an app in Samba Videos.

Upload App

To use the upload via API, an user with developer profile must create an App in Samba Videos, as the following images:


NOTE: For this specific app, it's not necessary to inform the domain and the manifest.

Installing the Upload App

The installation and token recovery are made by the following steps:

1. Log in with the “Account Owner” username;

2. Access the tab “Manage Account”, at the top of the screen;


3. Access the menu “Account Apps”, at the left side of the screen;


4. Check if there is an available app: “Upload App”;
5. Click “Install” to perform the installation;


6. Confirm the installation;


7. Check if the app was installed successfully in the account;


Enable App

Now we're going to enable the "Upload API". To perform it, follow the steps bellow:

1. After the installation, log in with an “administrador” username;

2. Access the tab “Settings” in “Apps”, at the upper menu;


3. Copy and paste the active app token;


NOTE: If the app is not enabled in the project, just click to enable and use the token. The App ID must not be used in the configuration of the "Upload via API" app.

Using the Token

The acquired token must be used in media upload request, and it's valid until the project administrator disables the app or the account owner uninstall it. This token allows an app (an upload client, for example) to use Samba Videos resources on behalf of the user who requested the token (in this case, the project administrator).

For more information on Upload API, visit our documentation. This will contain the steps required to use the service and an example of an upload application.


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