Known Errors - YouTube

Create YouTube Chanel

If any error occurs when authenticating YouTube account in Samba Videos, follow steps below:

1 - Check if username and password are correct.

2 - Access YouTube account.

3 - Click account Settings:


4 - Check if there is any Alert Message.4.PNG

5 - Click link "It was you?". Then, click option "I know this Activity".


6 -Click Continue to authorize connecting Samba Videos with your YouTube account.


7 -Access Samba Videos again, and register your Distribution Service.

1.PNGError Enable/Disable YouTube Channel

This error may occur when the external sharing service is having some problem.


Rejection by size

This error occurs when your registered account on YouTube is not allowed for sending videos up to 15 minutesLearn more.


Rejection by repeated video

This error occurs when video has already been sent to your YouTube account. YouTube doesn't allow the same media to be published more than once in the same account. Learn more.


It's possible to see the rejection message on YouTube.


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