Known Errors - Upload

Upload Failure

You're trying to  accomplish the upload, but the process is not concluded successfully. If this error's been occurring frequently, follow the steps below so we can try to identify the root cause of your problem. If it's necessary, request help from a support analyst in your company.

1 - Make sure that the you are meeting the minimum requirements for using our platform.

2Access the Command Prompt and run a MTR, Traceroute and Ping test to the address below:

  • Address:

  • Step by step:


- MTR: pathping

-Traceroute: tracert

- Ping: ping -n 50


- MTR: mtr --report -c 50

-Traceroute: traceroute

- Ping: ping -c 50

  • For Mac, there's a tutorial on how to run a MTR test.


3 - Check with your IT Team if there's any package loss in any access route to our servers. If yes, please contact your Telecom service provider and check if there's any intermittency on the communication routes.

4 -After running all tests, if it's necessary, open a ticket at our Support Center, attach the performed tests, and let us know your IP address. To check the output IP of your network, click here. We'll run a reverse test using the informed IP, checking the communication route from our server to you network.

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