Known Errors - Login

Authentication problems

It's may occurring one of these problems:

  • Non-existing e-mail;
  • Incorrect password;
  • Expired TRIAL account;
  • Blocked account;
  • Inactive user;
If you're not sure the password is correct, you can redefine your password.

I'm trying to access Samba Videos, but there's an undesirable slowness. What should I do?

Cache Cleanup

If all minimum requirements are being met, we'll cleanup your browser cache. To do this, perform the steps following::

1 - Open the browser and hold CTRL+Shift+Del.

2 - Select the option Clean Browsing Data.

3 - After cleaning, close the browser window.

4 - Open the browser, access Samba Videos website again, and check if it's still slow.

Connection Test

It's may necessary to test the connection with our servers. To do this, you need to access the Command Prompt and run a MTR, Traceroute and Ping test to the following addresses. Watch the video below:


1 - 

Step by step

Access the Command Prompt and run the following test.

Operating System - Windows

- MTR: pathping

- Traceroute: tracert

- Ping: ping -n 50

Operating System - Linux

- MTR: mtr --report -c 50

- Traceroute: traceroute

- Ping: ping -c 50

Operating System - Mac

Access this tutorial to run all tests in Mac.

Check the result

After running all tests, check with your IT Team if there's any package loss in any access route to our servers. If yes, please contact you Telecom service provider and check if there's any intermittency on communication routes.

Samba Tech Support Center

After running all test, if it's necessary, open a ticket at our Support Center, attach the performed tests, and let us know your IP address. You can find out your IP address clicking here. We'll run a reverse test using the informed IP, checking the communication route from our server to you network.

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