Video resolutions generated by Samba Videos

Outputs table

The platform optimizes the videos to be shared in flash and HTML5 in different qualities: 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p e 1080p.

Your video will be processed an encoded to all formats that its original size supports. To ensure that your video is rendered in all the profiles, send files with the size of height equal to or greater than 1080p.


RawOutputCodecBit RateResolução(px)
1080p 1080p h264 2048 auto x 1080
720p 720p h264 1408 auto x 720
480p 480p h264 768 auto x 480
360p 360p h264 640 auto x 360
240p 240p h264 360 auto x 240
Learn more about files format supported for upload.

After the encoding process, the media will be available at Samba Videos in video format MP4, with codec H.264. To ensure that your video will be rendered in all the profiles, send files with the height  equal to or greater than 1080p. The Bit Rates are dynamically calculated, the information above is just a guideline.


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