Technical Specifications - YouTube

Samba Videos allows you to share media to other video platforms, including YouTube. Learn More.
In external publication from Samba Videos to YouTube we send the following parameters:
  • Title
  • Advanced description
  • Tags

However, YouTube has some restrictions, such as quantity of videos on one account, limits of characters, and others.

Restrictions Overview

  • Title: This field must be up to 60 characters or 100 bytes, whichever is reached first. Title can contain all valid UTF-8 characters, except < , >, º and ª.
  • Advanced description: This field is mandatory on requests to send or update video metadata. Description must have sentences, not a list of keywords, and can be exhibited in search results. Description has a maximum of 5000 characters, and can contain any valid UTF-8 character, except < and >.
  • Tags:  You must provide at least one keyword for each video in your feed. This field has a maximum of 120 characters, including comas, and can contain any valid UTF-8 character, except < and >. Besides, each keyword must have at least two characters, and a maximum of 25. Keywords can contain spaces, what means that a single keyword can contain more than one word. For example, "madness","achievement","surf" and "madness", "surf achievements". All are valid values for this tag, but the first value contains three keywords ("madness","achievement","surf") and the latter contains only two ("madness", "surf achievements").

Source: Youtube

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