Integration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Samba Videos is integrated with Google Analytics so you can get a variety of different reports on the reproductions of your videos. This feature only works for the video player of Samba Videos.

UA Number

Access Google Analytics and create your web property or UA number (UA-XXXXX-YY) exclusive for the videos from Samba Videos. This step is important, so reports on videos embeded outside your domain won't compute incorrectly as pageviews. This may happen if you use the same tracking code on your website.

NOTE. We perform pageview tracking so we can follow the views of videos per hour, since Google Analytics doesn't allow us to get this information through the events.

Enable integration

To link your project to Google Analytics became simpler. Watch the video below:

Disable integration

To disable the integration of your project with Google Analytics is quite simple. Watch the video below:

#tips: Google Analytics process its reports on a daily routine, so you will be able to access data of your event on the day after the transmission.
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