Integration with DailyMotion

Enable integration

To integrate your Samba Videos project with DailyMotion is quite simple. Watch the video below:

#tips: If an error occurs when attempting to enable DailyMotion service, check our Known Errors article.

Disable integration

To disable Samba Videos integration with your DailyMotion account is quite simple. Watch the video below:

Send content to DailyMotion

Samba Videos allows you to send media to a DailyMotion account. Watch the video below:

Disable Media in DailyMotion

You've shared a media from Samba Videos to DailyMotion, but now you want to disable it. To perform this action is quite simple. Watch the video below:


Clicking button "Disable", all actions are performed in DailyMotion platform. No modification is performed on any media in Samba Videos. Below, there is a list of actions performed on media inside DailyMotion platform:

1 - Media will have the status "Private" in DailyMotion platform.

2 - Media will be unavailable for viewing on DailyMotion Player.

3 - Media is not excluded from DailyMotion platform.

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