Creating an Advertising Campaign in Samba Videos

Advertising Campaign

It's quite simple to create a advertising campaign in Samba Videos. Watch the video below:



  1. Samba videos no longer support the Skip Ad
  2. To create target campaigns by gender it's necessary to have at least one created category.
  3. Stay tuned to technical constraints before you create a advertising campaign.
  4. Campaigns can take up to 4 hours to begin to be aired.
  5. When editing a campaign:
  • You can change the title of the campaign
  • You can change the advertising video
  • You can change the URL of the click target
  • You can change the tracking URL
  • You can change selected Categories/Genders
  • You can change campaign's end date
  • You can change the goal
  • You can change priority (when deliver guarantee is by period)
  • You can change campaign cost
  • You can't change between Pre Roll/Post Roll 
  • You can't: change campaign segmentation (between Categories/Gender)
  • You can't change campaign's start date
  • You can't change delivery method (Prints/Clicks)
  • You can't change deliver guarantee (between Goal/Períod)


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