Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

Configuring Adobe FMLE

To configure the Samba Tech live transmission service in Adobe FMLE is quite simple. Follow the steps below:

Audio and Video Settings


  • Device: Capture Device
  • Format: To reach the largest number of Devices, we recommend H.264 format (advanced: Profile: baseline, Level:3.1, Keyframe Frequency: 4 seconds) 
  • Frame Rate: 30.00 fps
  • Input Size: Set according to the signal sent from your Capture Device.
  • Bit Rate: 300 kbps - for a dedicated upload band of 2 MB (Remember: the higher the bit rate, the higher the bandwidth required for the end user to consume the transmission).
  • Output Size: Set according to the signal sent from your Capture Device + Player.


  • Device: Capture Device
  • Format: AAC Format is mandatory requirement for transmissions in Apple Devices. If you are using Windows OS, it's necessary to aqcuire plugin AAC.
  • Channels: Set according to the signal sent from your Capture Device.
  • Sample Rate: 22050 Hz
  • Bit Rate: 64 Kbps

 #tips - Below, further information about:

Enabling Adaptive Bit Rate

Please, perform the changes in Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder:

Replace file Config.xml, for the file provided by Samba Tech attached to this tutorial.

File Location Path: 

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2\conf\config.xml
  • Macintosh: Applications:Adobe:Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2:conf:config.xml

#tips: After replacing, please contact our Support Center and request the Adaptive Bit Rate settings. The deadline for setting it up to 24 hoursSamba Tech provides the following bit rates:

  • 200 kbps
  • 400 kbps
  • 800 kbps.
For other values, contact our Service Desk Team.

Profile for Adobe FMLE

Samba Tech provides the Adobe's Setup Profile with the recommended configurations (attached).

To import, follow the instructions:

1 - Save the attachment Sambatech_adobe_profile.xml on your desktop

2 - Open Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

3 - Click File > Open Profile

4 - Select the flie saved on the desktop

5 - Click OK.

Important: You must adjust the Adobe FMLE settings according to their needs.

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