Samba Live

What is Samba Live?

Samba Live is the Samba Tech Live Transmission service which woks as follows:

Live transmission channel
To perform your streaming you must first contact our Support Center and request the channels configuration for this service. After the channel configuration, our technical team will provide a file with all needed information for the transmission. 
Starting the transmission
It's necessary to configure the Encoder with the information sent by our Support Team. After configuring and starting the streaming, our server will be responsible for distribution of content. There's no specific number of simultaneous connection. However, if the expected audience is bigger than 2.000 simultaneous connections, please contact us so we can properly plan your transmission.
Watching the transmission
Samba Tech provides the Live Player already configured to receive the signal from your encoder. Live Player can be displayed in any website you want, and be wached by multiple devices.
Samba Live allows integration with Google Analytics, where Live Player sends data and Google Analytics generates information and reports about the transmission. To enable this integration you must have a Google Analytics account and enable sending data. Learn More.

#tips - Remember to previously check your upload link, the Audio and Video capture devices, and the minimum requirements of usage so that, if it happens surprises, our team can help solve them in time to perform the streaming.

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