Internet Connection and Firewall

Internet Connection

To use our Samba Live it's necessary to provide a dedicated uplink of at least 2MB exclusive for upload server during the event transmission, considering the transmission of a signal-quality 350Kbps.

#tips: The requirements above refer to the realization of transmissions through 1 (one) Live channel. If two simultaneous transmissions are conducted, the same minimal infra structure previously specified should be available for each active transmissions. 


To not occur any blockage in sending or receiveing the Live Transmission signal, make sure the following domains, IP addresses and ports are free in your network and in your device.

Domain and IP address: For safety reasons, we won't share the domain and IP address in this documentation. They must be ordered to our Support Center.

Port: 1935

HEADS UP: We recommend that the firewall release to Samba Live is made by domain. We constantly monitor the distribution network and thus, if local changes are made to increase performance, no firewall release must be performed by your Network Administrator.

#tips: Anti-malware programs can also block our addresses and ports. Check if there is any blockage in these systems.

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