Configuring WireCast

To configure the Samba Tech live transmission in WireCast is quite simple. Follow the steps below:

1 - Download and install the app. It's necessary to install QuickTime Player before starting WireCast . The apps installers are attached.

2 - Run the app and select the image capture device.


3 - After selecting the input device, the image will be displayed in a demo environment.


4 - Now we're going to configure the connection with Samba Tech server. Click the menu "Transmission" and then the option "Transmission Adjustments". You can also use the shortcut keys "Ctrl+Y"


5 - Select the option "RTMP Server" as output target.


6 - Set the signal of video and audio transmission.



7 - Set a name for this configuration.


8 - Define the Encoder settings and save changes.



Values of Audio and Band may vary according to the customer's environment.

- Output format: Flash

- Encoder: H264

- Width x Height: Information of video's width and height must be similar to the signal sent by the input device.

- Frames per second: 30

- Average Bit Rate: 350 kbps. The higher the ratio, the higher the bandwidth required for the end user to consume transmission.

- Channels: Stereo

- Target bit rate: 64 kbits/s

- Sample rate: 22.050 kHz

9 - Select the created Encoding


10 - Fill the blanks Address and Transmission with the information provided by Samba Tech. In "User Agent"  option, select FMLE//3.0.

11 - Click the option "Set credentials" and enter the username and password provided by Samba Tech.


12 - After configuring the Encoder, start transmission clicking the button "Transmission".




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