Account Summary by Email

Periodic email with account summary

Account Owner users can receive monthly emails with the summary data of the account! Watch the video below:


Email content

The account summary is an email sent monthly, with information of views, retention and conversion.

Values are arranged in order of views of the five projects with more views in the account.

If the account doesn't have five projects, existing projects will be listed ordered by amount of views

Period of the analyzed information

Information is derived from the analysis of the data from previous month to the email sending.

Example: If the account summary was sent in August, the values of views, retention and conversion refer to July.

In addition to the values informed above, it's also displayed indicators (red and green arrows) based on a calculus of variation, that shows if values increased or decreased compared to the previous month to the summary generation.

Example: If the account summary was sent in August, the comparison displayed in the indicators refers to June and July.


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