Samba Player and IMA3 Integration

Samba Player is integrated with Google Interactive Media Ads SDK, better known as IMA version 3.

It means that now Samba Player allows its clients convey Double Click for Publishers advertising campaigns, better known as Google DFP.

Besides, we now support several possibilities for advertising campaigns exhibitions in our costumers' videos, such as: overlay, vpaid pre and post-roll, overlay vpaid, multi-ad pre and post-roll with skip ad, among other possibilities for Video Ads

For the integration work you must use the ad_program parameter, see example below:




<iframe src="[;iu=/124319096/external/ad_rule_samples&amp;ciu_szs=300x250&amp;ad_rule=1&amp;impl=s&amp;gdfp_req=1&amp;env=vp&amp;output=vmap&amp;unviewed_position_start=1&amp;cust_params=sample_ar%3Dpremidpost&amp;cmsid=496&amp;vid=short_onecue&amp;correlator=]" width="580" height="326" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>


#tips: Integration with IMA3 is only compatible with Flash player.

 Note: More information on the types of campaigns and devices accepted by DFP.

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