Users Control

Users Control

To edit users information, just click the option "Users Control" on the main dashboard.

Creating Users

To create users is quite simple. You only need to decide if you want to create user by the platform or import an users list.

Click the option "New" to create an user and enter all its information. Click "Import Users" to add multiple users to the platform simultaneously.

#tips: There's an attached example of a .CSV file to import users.

When managing users, it's possible to:

  • Enter First Name.
  • Enter Last Name.
  • Enter E-mail.
  • Enter User Name.
  • Enter Password.
  • Define Gender.
  • Define user Profile.
  • Select classes for access.
  • Add a Photo.

Editing an User

To edit an user information, simply click "Action" button and select option "Edit".

Deleting an User

To delete an user, simply click "Action" button and select option "Delete".

#tips: When deleting an user, all its information are definetely deleted.


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