Widget de Upload

Widgets de Upload


The upload widget is a feature that allows you to make external upload to the Samba videos platform without authentication. This feature will generate an HTML code to be inserted into your web page, that allows any user to upload videos directly into your account Samba Videos.

To use it is very easy, first you need to activate the widget on the platform, so you can then copy the embed. Remember that the widget is linked to the project, which means that each project will have a specific embed.

To create an upload widget on Samba Videos is very simple, follow the instructions below:


  1. Access the menu settings:

  2.  On the left menu go in the Upload option and then New Widget:

  3.  Complete the form to create Widget and then click Save;

  4.  After you create the widget acess Embed;

5.  Copy all the contents and paste into an HTML file;

 6.  Open the HTML page that you insert the embed widget and perform uploading media;

 7.  At the end of the upload will display the media ID and after a few minutes the same will be available in Samba Videos.

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